The World Culture Festival in Berlin
Olympiastadion Berlin 2nd & 3rd July 2011
An unforgettable celebration of Dance, Music, Intercultural Dialogue and Meditation

So What Project

Sanskrit chanting


Members Rodrigo Bustos & Nicolás Pucci work with mantras, aiming to expand their cleansing & energizing potential by combining them with electronic music, rock, pop & other styles.The combination of music, meditation & yoga is very powerful. Those who experience it go home feeling completely energized & with genuine smiles on their faces. You only have to dare to do something different. 

"WCF will the hub to unite all cultures and take us to our own essence as human beings: love and celebration. We are honoured and grateful for being invited to share our art, love and dedication in this unique event. So What Project! and AOL Yoga Rave Project, will land in Berlin to spread enthusiasm and joy, with an unforgettable experience combining mantras, yoga and meditation, a very powerful party for all generations, that will propel you straight to your own source. It is sheer pleasure for us to be part of the amazing event and celebrate 30 year anniversary of the Art of Living Foundation. Let´s rock Berlin!"
So What Project!

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Under the patronage of: Indian Embassy


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