The World Culture Festival in Berlin
Olympiastadion Berlin 2nd & 3rd July 2011
An unforgettable celebration of Dance, Music, Intercultural Dialogue and Meditation


World Music


Indra is one of the first Mantra bands that combines pop, world music sounds and Latin American rhythms. Indra´s leader, Ignacio Escribano, is a musician, singer, instructor and co founder of the Art of Living Foundation in Argentina. In 2007, he was appointed Member of the Argentine Academy of Folklore. He´s been singing mantras and bhajans throughout the world since 2001. In 2010, Indra was founded. Their main objectives are to popularize mantras and bhajans, offering an alternative way of entertainment through saatvic concerts which are free of smoke, drugs and alcohol, preceded by a guided meditation.
The other members of the band are: Bernardette Ben (vocals), María Vigil (vocals and percussion), Sergio Gutiérrez (keyboards and accordion), Sebastián Garay (bass guitar) and Jonatan Szer (drums and percussion).
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